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How Much Does Septic Tank Pumping Cost?

And why is there such a difference in price from one septic pumping service provider to another?

how much does septic tank pumping costLike every other product or service on the market today, costs vary with septic tank pumping. In this article on Kompaerit, sponsored by HomeAdvisor, septic tank pumping varies Nationwide in cost from $75 to $750. Another article found at states that pricing varies from $73 all the way up to $882, with the average cost of septic tank pumping at $363. Angie’s List members reported that the average septic tank pumping costs back in 2013 was $270.  All of these informative articles do state that, as long as the cost of pumping is reasonable, it far outweighs the expense of replacing a failing septic system caused by neglect.

In general, the costs depend upon several factors: Size of tank, location, local waste disposal fees, difficulty of access (depth of tank, tree roots, shrubs and other site conditions), and the quality of service you receive for the price.

How can one pumping company provide better “Quality” service than another? The answer is simple, we see it in other services, like the following:

  • Lawn mowing: Is it worth a little extra to have a lawn maintenance company that not only mows the grass, but weed-eats the edges, pulls weeds out of landscape areas, and informs you of pest problems BEFORE they get to the point of killing lawns or shrubs?
  • Car care: Would you spend a little more for an oil change if you knew the mechanic always checks the fluid levels, brake pads, tire pressure and tread, and overall mechanical health of your vehicle while the hood was up?
  • Housekeeping: How upset would you be if your housekeeper vacuumed and dusted just the most heavily used areas, and didn’t know or tell you that the sink was leaking? The water soaking into the cabinet and floor could be an easy fix if caught soon enough, but not knowing could create extensive damage.
  • Gutter cleaning: Would you choose the cheapest gutter cleaner if you knew that he was only going to blow out the leaves he could easily reach, and leave the matted debris that CAUSES the gutters to clog?

A lot of people apparently DO choose the cheapest service providers in many industries (the proof is in the reviews). Since you are reading this article, and you made it this far, it seems safe to assume that you are interested in getting the best VALUE for your septic pumping price.

When it comes to pumping, our technicians complete the following tasks at no additional charge to you:

  • Pump both sides of the septic tank (if there is a baffle)
  • Backwash the tank (breaks up solids for a much more thorough cleaning job) – watch our video hereProfessional septic tank pumping in statesville nc
  • Clean the effluent filter (if there is one)
  • Provide a basic evaluation of the condition of the system while the lid is off. You may receive a written evaluation upon request.
  • Dig out the tank (up to 24″ depth)
  • Call when they are on the way to you (upon request)

Here are the company standards that have kept Lentz Septic Tank Service in business since 1958:

  • Treat people with respect. All employees and representatives of Lentz Septic Tank Service are trained to be respectful of other businesses, people, and their property. This includes the owners treating our employees with respect.
  • Be honest. If we make a mistake, we communicate honestly and make it right.
  • Do our job to the best of our ability. We believe in keeping up to date equipment that gives us a competitive edge. Our experienced employees, along with our state-of-the-art equipment, provides us with the tools we need to professionally perform our work efficiently and thoroughly.

The cost of septic tank pumping from Lentz Septic Tank Service can range from $280 – $350 for most septic tanks. There is an additional charge, based on the septage level, for pump tanks. We include locating and digging out a tank that is less than 24” deep. (with very few exceptions). “Surprise Fees” are not our policy – if it appears that there will be a challenge involved with pumping a septic tank, our technicians immediately contact the homeowner and/or Keith Lentz to decide how to proceed. We have more details on our website, you can check it out on our FAQ page here.

If you are looking for Value, we hope you will choose Lentz Septic Tank Service for your septic tank pumping needs. We certainly do value YOU! Our customers, our employees, our environment, and our community.

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