Lentz Septic Tank Service Super Heroes

The ladies in the Lentz Septic Tank Service office decided to dress up like “Poop Emojis” for Halloween on Monday (because they are both in the office on Mondays). The marketing manager came in to take a few pictures and a Facebook Live (you can watch here). We had SO MUCH FUN, that we decided to do it again the next day (Halloween) and have the marketing manager dress like a Super Hero (like Mighty Mouse, only different).  Since Keith Lentz was out of town, we felt sure that we could create some silly videos without him finding out until he returned. (It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?) Fortunately for us, and YOU, Keith did not make us remove the videos from YouTube and Facebook. AND…we all got to keep our jobs! Keith does think that we may require psychiatric evaluations, though (we’re okay with that, because he is probably right!)

Don’t let our sense of humor and silly videos fool you. The Lentz Septic Super Heroes (the pumping technicians) take their jobs very seriously. In fact…YOUR #2 business is OUR #1 priority!


If you have about 36 seconds, we invite you to watch the YouTube skit here. We hope you get a little giggle from it (We sure have!), please don’t judge too harshly (remember we need psychiatric evaluations!) and if you like it, be sure to let Keith know by liking it on YouTube and sharing if you wish. Then, maybe he will let us do some more crazy videos in the future.

As always…we appreciate you following our blog and look forward to sharing more with you soon!