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You wouldn’t want the carpet cleaner to leave a big pile of hard-to-remove dirt, why would you have your septic tank company leave the solids that eventually cause septic system failure?

State of the art pumping equipment is a big part of what sets Lentz Septic Tank Service apart from other grease trap cleaning and septic tank pumping service providers.  Lentz Septic Tank Service proudly serves Iredell and surrounding counties with the most efficient, up to date vacuum equipment available for septic and grease trap pumping trucks. We make septic tank & grease trap cleaning affordable by using effiState of the art septic pumping and grease trap cleaning equipment in Iredell county NCcient equipment that fully cleans septic tanks and grease traps. Leaving solids at the bottom and grease residue on the sides of the grease trap or septic tank is not an option. We don’t just pump out the part that’s easy and leave. We use water (and a pressure washer if needed for grease traps) to get the hard to vacuum solids and grease. We have a scraper that the technicians use to clean the sides of tanks. Our reputation depends on our service being professional, and our future depends on our customers appreciating the difference.

We appreciate all of our past and current customers who have made our business what it is today, and we look forward to serving new customers with the high quality service and integrity upon which we have built our reputation.

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