Lentz Septic Tank Service Trucks

Money Saving Ideas for Homeowners with Septic Tanks

Having a septic system can be a blessing, or it can seem like a never-ending money pit – and anywhere in between. Like most things, the better you understand your septic system, the easier it is to keep it operating smoothly, which SAVES YOU MONEY!

Septic Tank cover in MooresvilleHow does having a septic system become a money pit?  When solids, grease and products that don’t break down in the septic tank build up inside the tank, the wastewater inside becomes thick and eventually finds it’s way into the septic drainfield. Even though there is an effluent filter on most septic tanks (1999 and newer in North Carolina), the filter can get clogged, and allow some particles to pass through. Once the drainfield gets filled up especially with grease, and also with thick sludge, a septic failure is highly likely. Replacing a septic system is extremely expensive, not to mention a challenging process to acquire a permit from the health department and have a new location marked for your new system.

What can you do to prevent septic failure? Recommended by local Environmental Health Departments, professional septic system inspectors, and septic repair and maintenance service companies, across the nation, it is recommended to have your septic tank pumped out on a regular basis. The time frame recommended depends on various factors, but the general recommendation is every 3 – 5 years. Among other factors, the frequency of septic pumping depends on the amount of water you use, if you use a garbage disposal, and if anyone in the household is on prescription drugs that kill bacteria. General rule of thumb: The more people using your septic system = increased water flow = your septic tank will fill up faster = more frequent pumping. It may be possible that the septic tank will need pumping more often than 3-5 years. Professional septic tank pumping in statesville nc

How can Lentz Septic Tank Service SAVE YOU MONEY? Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and professional. When you have Lentz pump your septic tank, both sides of your tank are pumped out completely (we use a process that blows water back into the tank, breaking up solids, called “backwashing”). Click to watch our video to see the process. Our technicians clean and examine your effluent filter (if there is one). Our technicians look at the tank, lid, baffle and the amount of solids in the tank to make sure everything appears to be in good condition. The technicians will let you know when you need to have your septic system cleaned out again – based on the solids in the tank and your water usage (most recommendations are about 3 years). You may request a free written evaluation at the time of scheduling your pumping, and will receive a technician-signed copy. All of these combined services provide you with the information you need to keep your septic system healthy…which SAVES YOU TONS OF MONEY on repairs that are easy to prevent!!!


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