The Purpose of the Effluent Filter

Designed specifically to prevent solids from entering the septic drain field, the Sanitary Tee is one of the most important components that extends the life of septic systems. Effluent filters fit inside the discharge sanitary tee, further preventing suspended solid particles from entering the septic drain field.

effluent filter
The effluent filter has the ultimate purpose of restricting the passage of suspended solids into the drainfield, while not disturbing the flow of the effluent to the point where it backs up into your home. Items like cigarette butts, prophylactics and feminine hygiene products are difficult to extract once they enter the drain field. The effluent filter was designed originally to filter these larger items that don’t sink to the bottom or break down. Over time, filters have been modified to capturing smaller solids, hair, and lint, and other items bigger than 1/16 in, making these filters more effective in protecting the septic drain field. Septic systems installed in 1999 or after in North Carolina will have a Sanitary Tee with an Effluent Filter present.Effluent Filter Older systems may or may not have an effluent filter, but can easily accommodate the filter installation with a retrofit.

It is important to have your Effluent Filter checked and cleaned periodically. Lentz Septic Tank Service recommends having it checked at cleaned at the time of pumping (every 1-5 years, depending upon usage). Most septic tanks should be pumped out every 3 years; however, there are many variables that contribute to the need to pump out your septic tank more or less frequently. Ask your pumping technician about his (or her) recommendations, based on what your septic condition and your household’s actual usage.

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